OEM Replacement Harnesses

OEM Replacement Harnesses

What makes a Harness Pro Product?

  • Wire. Harness Pro Australia uses the highest quality wire which has been developed to withstand the extreme conditions of the oil and gas industries. It was selected for its flexibility and its resistance to fluid, moisture, UV, heat, abrasion and fire.
  • Identification. Harness Pro Australia labels each wire with an alphanumeric code printed every 50mm along the length of each wire using an inkjet printer. This is a Touch free process that doesn’t alter the properties of the wires insulation. This printed code is easy to read and is resistant to UV light and most chemicals.
  • Termination. Harness Pro Australia only use the highest quality crimps and crimp applicators in the termination process as we believe this is the most important aspect of harness manufacturing. Crimp tension tests and equipment calibrations are performed regularly as a part of our quality control processes.
  • Connectors. Harness Pro Australia only uses genuine connectors from trusted manufacturers such as DEUTSCH, AMPSEAL, DELPHI, HDSCS and LEAVYSEAL.
  • Assembly. All of our harnesses comply with international standard IPC/WHMA-A-620C. This guarantees only the highest of quality products leave our doors.
  • Braiding. Harness Pro Australia surpasses current industry standard by braiding their wiring harnesses instead of using corrugated conduit. When internal movement is mixed with contaminates the wiring wears away inside the conduit until an open circuit occurs. Braiding holds the internal wiring tightly preventing any movement. Braiding also reduces the overall diameter of the harness making it easier to install in restricted areas.
  • Quality control. Harness Pro Australia ensures that all products adhere to the highest quality control standards. Once assembled every harness undergoes our rigorous visual and computerized testing procedure with our state of the art test bench. This instrument tests each wire for capacitance, resistance, diode polarity and continuity to its correct location. These results are autonomously compared against our database to ensure it is built to the correct specifications.